Family Dentistry

McLamb Place Dental is proud to welcome the families of Goldsboro, NC to our office, where exceptional dental care and patient comfort are our priorities. Our focus has always been on maintaining a warm, welcoming environment for patients of every age so that they may enjoy their appointment and leave with a healthier smile and the feeling that they have made a new friend. 

Our family dentistry services provide you and your entire family with a number of services that will help you maintain your smile, protect your teeth, and treat a variety of concerns and dental conditions. Join us in our mission of raising the standard for excellence in dentistry; by becoming one of our beloved patients, you can enjoy your next trip to the dentist and benefit from a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Cleanings & Exams

Attending routine cleanings and examinations is essential to maintaining a healthy smile. During these appointments, our dental professionals will clean and polish your teeth and take care in removing plaque and tartar from the surfaces, sides, and backs of every tooth. 

Once this is complete, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and oral tissues for issues and abnormalities. This helps us to stay a step ahead of any problems and ensure you or your loved one receives proper care.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are prosthetic appliances built to encapsulate a badly damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns are typically placed following a root canal and help to restore the strength and health of your natural tooth structure.

Bridges are appliances made to replace missing teeth by restoring appearance and function to your smile. These devices are custom-created to span a gap of one or more missing teeth by relying on the security of your tooth roots.

  • Your teeth on each side of the gap are first prepared and reshaped. This allows the appliance to fit over them.
  • Finally, the appliance is cemented into position, restoring the gap left by your missing tooth or teeth.

Tooth Extractions

While our focus is always first to preserve your teeth, there are some instances where it is best for a damaged, decayed, or problematic tooth to be removed. These instances typically include teeth that are:

  • Damaged beyond repair
  • Severely decayed
  • Impacted
  • Overcrowded

Anytime we find it best to remove a tooth, we will make sure you are thoroughly aware of the reason for this, as well as provide options for replacing the missing tooth once it has been extracted. This may include either a dental bridge, dentures, or an implant. 


Dentures are another great method for restoring your smile after tooth loss. If you are missing an entire arch of teeth, a complete denture would be a great option for you and it can be easily secured into the mouth by the use of suction or dental adhesive. For one or more missing teeth, a partial denture can be clipped into place, held stable by the support of neighboring teeth. 

These appliances are removable and must be taken out and thoroughly cleaned each night to ensure they are kept in the best condition. Dentures can not be worn while you sleep and it’s important that this time is allowed for your gum tissue to rest and recover.


Fillings are used to restore the strength of a tooth suffering from minor damage or decay. Our fillings are made from a tooth-colored composite and applied to the tooth to protect any flawed areas from further damage. 

  • First, we remove any areas of decay from the tooth.
  • We then apply the composite material to the area and smooth it into position.
  • This composite is hardened by a blue LED light.
  • Once it has been cured, we will polish it to ensure the material blends seamlessly with the surrounding tooth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We conduct oral cancer screenings as a portion of every exam. This is in order to secure the health of your smile, as well as your overall wellness. During this examination, we may ask questions regarding anything unusual you have noticed. We will be checking for:

  • Red or white patches on your gum tissue
  • Ulcers that haven’t healed in over three weeks
  • Facial swelling
  • Lumps in the neck or throat


Sealants are preventative treatments that can be used to create a barrier on the surfaces of the molars. These teeth are in the back of your mouth and are characterized as having a wide surface area with distinctive pits and fissures. While we commonly utilize this treatment for children first learning how to brush their teeth, we also provide the service to adults.

  • These teeth are first thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • We then paint the surface area with the sealant material, paying special attention to the deep crevices.
  • The material is then cured and set into place with an LED light.

When well maintained by regular brushing and flossing, sealants can last up to 10 years. They may then be reapplied if desired.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are a dependable and highly effective treatment option for straightening your or your child’s smile. While some people may find the idea of metal brackets and wires unpleasant, over years of evolution, braces have been transformed to be much more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Not to mention, braces are one of the most widely used orthodontic treatments with many years of proven results for the most severe cases of misalignment. Benefits of traditional braces include:

  • Durability
  • Quick results
  • Universally beneficial

Always Putting Your Health First

Our practice prides itself on always doing what is best to keep your whole family’s smiles healthy and happy. By providing all of the general care and services needed to maintain the well-being of your teeth and gums, we are bringing exceptional dental care and convenience to the people of Goldsboro, NC

Call today to book an appointment for you and your family! We will be excited to see you.

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