Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that preserves and protects a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Without root canal therapy, these teeth would likely need to be extracted! As a result of advanced dental techniques and methods, root canals can ensure that you save your natural teeth and enjoy a long life of natural, healthy smiles! 

If you are in or around Goldsboro, NC, and need a root canal or believe you have a tooth infection, give our office a call today! 

Root Canal Process

When undergoing a root canal procedure, we take care in ensuring that you are comfortable before beginning. We will provide a local anesthetic to keep the area comfortably numb for the duration of the procedure.

  • We will begin by removing any areas of decay from the infected tooth. A small opening in the tooth surface will then be created.
  • Through this opening, we will be able to access and remove the pulp of the tooth. Pain is caused by these inflamed tissues and nerves in response to infection; removing them is usually able to immediately alleviate pain. 
  • The interior of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and filled with a biocompatible material (gutta-percha).
  • The tooth opening will finally be sealed and topped with a custom-made dental crown.

While in most offices you may wait days or weeks to receive a new crown, it only takes one day in our office! Thanks to our CEREC technology,  you can skip the need for temporary crowns and end the procedure with a perfectly fitting ceramic crown.

Signs of a Tooth Infection

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Fever
  • Facial swelling
  • Severe tooth pain

Caring For You & Your Smile

Root canal therapy may seem scary, but let us assure you that the procedure is not something to fear. Rather the process is able to save your tooth and alleviate any pain you may be experiencing. Our job as dental professionals is to always keep your smile healthy as our priority while also tending to your comfort or concerns. 

When you choose McLamb Place Dental for your dental needs, you can feel confident that you’ll be kept comfortable and relaxed throughout your time with us. Call today to schedule an appointment for your root canal therapy or for an exam to diagnose any related symptoms.

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