Goldsboro Brew Works

Although Goldsboro, North Carolina may not immediately spring to mind when considering craft beer, locals are aware that Goldsboro Brew Works is a must-visit location for anyone looking for a distinctive and enjoyable drinking experience.

Goldsboro Brew Works is a tiny craft brewery and taproom that has been serving up delicious, home-brewed beer since 2016. It is situated in the center of downtown Goldsboro. The brewery is housed in a historic structure that was formerly a hardware store, and the owners did a fantastic job of maintaining the structure’s character while giving it a contemporary vibe.

The dedication of Goldsboro Brew Works to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible sets them apart from other breweries. They collaborate closely with neighborhood farmers and suppliers to find the best ingredients for their brews, which not only supports the community’s economy but also gives the beer a special flavor.

A variety of beers are available on tap at the brewery, offering something for almost every taste. You’re sure to find something you love at Goldsboro Brew Works, whether you enjoy rich stouts, crisp lagers, or hoppy IPAs. The Downtown Brown, a rich and malty beer with hints of chocolate and caramel, and the Goldsboro Gold Ale, a smooth and easy-drinking beer that is ideal for a hot summer day, are some of their most well-known offerings.

The welcoming atmosphere of the taproom is one of the best features of Goldsboro Brew Works. There is ample seating for groups of all sizes in the compact but comfortable space. Local artwork is displayed on the walls, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff is always happy to assist you in selecting the ideal beer for your preferences.

Goldsboro Brew Works offers a variety of seasonal and limited-release beers all year long in addition to their regular beers. Locals and beer lovers from other parts of the region look forward to these beers eagerly, and they frequently sell out very quickly.

By appointment only, Goldsboro Brew Works offers tours of their brewery to those who are curious about learning more about the brewing process. You will discover the ingredients they use, the brewing procedure, and the brewery’s history during the tour. Additionally, you’ll be able to try some of their beers and receive a pint glass as a memento.

The Goldsboro Brew Works is a well-liked venue all year round for events and live music. They hold a range of events, such as live music performances, trivia nights, and game nights. The most recent event schedule can be found on their website or social media pages.

For anyone who loves craft beer and is looking for a distinctive and enjoyable drinking experience, Goldsboro Brew Works is a must-visit location. It’s not surprising that this small brewery has rapidly turned into a cherished neighborhood landmark in Goldsboro given its cozy and welcoming atmosphere, dedication to using only ingredients that are sourced locally, and mouthwatering selection of beers.

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